November 6, 2015

Weekend List #9

Who is excited? This Lady. I'm freaking ecstatic its the weekend. 
 I'm ready to spend time with my sweet guys {Mr. Aaron Evans & Baby Bucky Ruspin}. This is the first weekend in months and months and months that I haven't had a jam-packed weekend and I honestly can't tell you how excited I am about that. Who knows what could come of this "No-plan" sort of weekend. Maybe Magical MAGICAL things....only time will tell. 

Here's my list of things worth sharing this week.

1. Holiday Gift Guide + Men's Fashion = Jack Spade Obsession 
10. The Psychology of Color

So those are the links I thought were worth sharing this week!
I hope you found some of them interesting. 
What have you discovered this week?

Thanks for stopping by. I am ecstatic about my plan free weekend.

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