November 3, 2015

Food. Halloween. and Fun

HI There!!
So as always, the weekend went by way too fast.
I wasn't in the least ready for Monday, but it actually ended up going by really fast. I also got a wonderful surprise visit at work from Aaron & Bucky which completely made my entire day!!

The past few Sunday's Aaron, Steven & I have started doing something thats really a lot of fun. Obviously, its The Walking Dead day. So, we make a day out of it. 
There is this page on facebook called Tasty. They post little videos of super creative recipes, so we've started trying out a few of them.

This week we tried some sort of Pizza Rolls! They were good, just a LOT of breading, so next time we make them we will A: add more spice and B: use less bread!!
But, overall they were good :) Our pizza's were pepperoni and Turkey Sausage!
The Turkey Sausage were by far my favorite....Oh mine were also made with fake cheese, since I don't do dairy.

Here are a few photos!!

This is some Butternut Squash Soup that Steven made! It was super delicious and nothing like any I've ever had. Most BNS Soups are super sweet. This wasn't overly sweet at all. 

Aaron brought us back some wine from Spain. It was incredible! He didn't like it so much, but to me it tasted so much like Six Grapes which is my all time favorite from the Wine Loft downtown. 


Oh Halloween I had to work. So, I dressed as a giraffe. For work I just did my giraffe makeup and wore a cute little black dress with Camel color wedges.

After work I came to see my man <3
and we got ready to go visit my parents.  Unfortunately for most, the rain on Halloween completely ruined the feel. It made me sleepy, grumpy and I just wanted to be cuddled up watching a movie or something.

I did love being dressed up with my Monkey ;) We had fun, rain or not. We were all just slightly bummed about the weather. 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween!!!
I loved seeing everyones costumes. It's so much fun dressing up and I really had a blast doing my makeup and taking the time to be creative. 


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