June 3, 2015

Birthday Month!

Good Morning!!!

I hope your week has had a great start. Mine has been pretty good. It's already Wednesday, which means its b o d y f l o w {yoga} day! So if you're in the Gardendale area come to class at the Civic Center. Class is at 4:30. I swear to you, you will love it. 

So if you didn't know, Monday was the first day of my Birthday month. Yes, I like to celebrate the whole month. Why not?!? I don't think I'm the only person that does this ;) 

My Birthday shipment from my mom came in!! I was SO excited. All of the items are from Forever 21. I wanted a lot of swimwear but didn't want to pay over $100 for each suit. They are all SO cute. I love them. However, The orange colored one is teeny tiny. So, I'm going to keep the top because naturally it fits {IBTC} but the bottoms I am passing along to my teeny tiny cousin Reilly. Hopefully they will fit her. The Aztec print bottoms and blue top are my FAVORITE! I love love love them! Why?! because the bottoms actually cover my booty. The black bottoms and purple top I feel mixed about. I am obsessed with the top. The back has all of these braided straps. But, the bottoms at you can tell are a brazillian cut which I guess is like this summers thing?!? I didn't realize when I picked these out how narrow the back is cut. They fit me so great, its just that literally the front covers more than the back. I'm super torn because I love how they fit. The sides are super super cute but when I turn around....I just don't get why it had to be cut so dang narrow :( So I'm thinking maybe I will still wear them. I'll just wear shorts or a cover up if I need to walk around somewhere. But, maybe I can still just layout in them?!?! ugh IDK how I feel about it.  Anyway, so thats my struggle on my Birthday swimwear. All of my workout attire however is PERFECT. 
Aside from the items pictured, I also got an awesome pair of running shorts, top and sports bra. 

Ladies, what are you wearing for the summer? Have you had any bottom issues with this years selection?!?! 

Yes, you will be seeing lots of posts. 

I'm off to get ready to work!
Don't forget to join me for class today.

Bye now, 

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Kandice Poirier said...

Last summer I did the cheeky swimsuit bottoms from VS. They were so tiny, but I was hitting the leg day hard and I felt so so good. I didn't wear them at the family pool, or around my kids though lol. Ok, so mostly just on vacation where no one knew me except Andy. LOL! I haven't gotten a new suit yet this summer. I'm putting it off…. no beach trip until September so I have plenty of time.

I love those workout pants!! Are they F21 too?!?