May 27, 2015

M.I.A.....who, Me?

Hellloooooo Friend!
I'm sorry I've been M.I. A. for the past few days. I've been taking care of some seriously cute pupsters and have been extremely busy. How awesome are long, holiday weekends?! I had the best time this weekend. I made some really awesome new friends, as well as hung out with some of my bests. Yeah, long weekends are definitely the best!

And how about it already being Wednesday??!? What is that all about? I can't believe it. I'm super stoked that it is because my weekend is going to be another good one.

On to more important things, I've been shopping online for my Birthday from my mom. I wanted a new tattoo, but unfortunately she said NO! haha She already bought me one of mine. I guess that's all of them I can get out of her ;)

So anyway, I went shopping for swimwear. UGH frustrating. All of these suits look AMAZING on these model chicks. So, I was looking at some from VS and they looked so cute and perfect, obviously. What wouldn't look amazing on a VS model?!? So, I thought I should probably go to a store and actually try on one just to see how it fits me. So I did and dear Lord, it was terrible. First of all, they had ZERO of the cute suits they had online & secondly, they all fit awkwardly because on most of them the front part of the bottoms covered WAY MORE than the back. Hello, VS....some girls actually have a little bit of a booty on them! So needless to say, I was highly disappointed with the selection they had in store.

So, I opted for the cheaper route of Forever 21. Hopefully they freaking fit!


So, we will see how these work out. Who knows, they could be just as terrible. They have been shipped and I am patiently waiting on them!!

I also ordered some new yoga attire as well. 
 Super excited for all of my Birthday Presents to arrive. Hopefully my sweet mom will just let me have them and not make me wait 19 days to get them! PLUS it's summer and I need swim suit!

The weekend is  a l m o s t  here!!

Bye for now,

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Lindsay Otis said...

totally agree about the swimsuits! I ended up ordering two over the weekend from target, hopefully the fit isn't horrible. I loveeee the yoga clothes from forever, great choices!!