April 1, 2015


Goooooooood Morning Friends!
I have had a pretty good time being back in Alabama.
I love being able to see my family!

I really do love being back. It is NOT pretty here. The colors are dull and the scenery in most areas are just dull and brownish. But, despite that, there is something special about this place. Downtown Birmingham nights have this unspoken charm. This city is growing and i love seeing it and for now, I will continue to be a part of that!

I love being back with my family. I love being back with my friends. I love being back in Birmingham. 

I miss MAUI, Gypsy, and the Blessings terribly terribly bad. But, at least I did have loving and good things welcoming me with huge loving arms when I came back. I will make this time here full of adventure, excitement, love, and FUN and loads of new memories!!!

I hope you will continue to enjoy the story of my life right here on ibB!

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