April 6, 2015

Alabama: Easter Sunday!

Happy Monday People!!!
I sure hope everyone's Easter was great.
Mine was good!!!
I spent the day with my family! We went to church, and had a really great lunch together at my nanny & pawpaws.

My favorite part about Easter {Aside from the fact that Jesus is ALIVE} is definitely family time. I was SO sad yesterday that my baby sisters had to go to their other grandparents house. I missssssss them!!!! Also another thing I missed about this Easter is that every year for the past 4 years I have made my own Easter Dress. This year since I spent most of the winter in Maui, I didn't have enough time to sketch out an idea, or make it for that matter. 

What's your favorite part of Easter?!?! Do share!
I hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week. I also hope its a short one for you!
Bye now

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