March 1, 2015

MAUI: week catchup

Can you believe it?!?! 
It's M A R C H already!!!!

This month is going to be so fantastic
Minus the fact that in 22 short days I leave from this place that makes my heart so happy. I feel healthier here. My body feels energized. My hair feels healthier and is getting lighter. My skin and complexion has this happy glow. Its honestly the most beautiful feeling ever and I am so sad to leave it for a short time. 

I bought this little journal when I was in Oahu. I think its the perfect reminder while I am away to just go for it. To take chances and to work hard to get where you want to be. 

And this is where I want to be. I know things didn't work out like they originally were supposed to, but I will be back here and its will be 100% worth the work that its going to take to get here. 

THIS FACE is probably what I am going to miss most of all. I love my Gypster Hipster and her sleepy self. Shes such a cute pup and shes my little friend. 

Almost every night I walk from the house down to the beach to go watch the sunset. Its so gorgeous. I also really love to people watch here. There are so many people out, especially since its whale season. And the whales really show off for everyone! Its so cool.

Yesterday....{Saturday} was the first time I have put on makeup in a week. We have been working and on Friday we went to the beach! The internet has been down for two days straight sooooo I haven't been able to blog! FINALLY late last night it came back on!
If I were in Alabama without internet....I would be going mad trying to figure out how to pass time without internet...well in Hawaii, you don't have that problem at all!!! You just go outside and your instantly happy<3

Yesterday was the first time in a week that we didn't cook our own meal. The pizza is one we made at home! The salad is from lunch yesterday from a local restaurant. It was a good meal, but I honestly have really enjoyed cooking everything. I love the control. haha....but seriously, I do! I love knowing what ingredients are being put in my food. You also feel better! AND Portion control. Restaurants usually give you double to triple what normal meal size should be! Anyway.....enough of food & health talk. 

Its SUNDAY and I am so ready to go to church. We missed last sunday so Im a little excited...OH and Faith and I went shopping yesterday. So I have a new skirt and top to wear today! wooooohoooooo :)

To all of my Alabama people....I MISS YOU ALL SOOO MUCH and will see you soon. 
Thanks everyone for reading!

Bye now 

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