March 3, 2015

MAUI: Paradise to Alabama....and a way to get back.

Hi friendies!

I only have 19 1/2 more days until I leave the most beautiful and inspiring place I've ever seen. Blogging from Maui has been the B E S T. I do hope all of you have enjoyed it! But, I also hope that you all will continue to read my posts from good ole Alabama!
I will be back here ASAP, so you can count on that!!! You might as well stay in the loop of my life and the exciting journey that it will take to get back to Hawaii!

Speaking of Journey to get there.... I need to somewhat talk my plan out loud here for a few minutes. I would love anyones encouragement, advice, and direction!! First of all, Im kind of stepping out of my comfort zone right now to even talk about this. But here we go....

You all know that I L O V E what I do. Right?!? because I absolutely love every single thing about being in the photography industry. I love photographers and I love their vision, drive, determination, perfectionism, and the list could go on!! But, since I've been in Maui {yes, working} I've realized how much I want to be back here As Soon As I Can. Working for myself is stressful. Freelancing is SO fun! I love making my own schedule. I love working from home. I love the people I work for. etc. BUT, the thing that trumps all of that, that is definitely a CON of the list is that I do not at all like the fluctuation in my income. Some weeks can be great. Some we can be horrid. Its an iffy field and knowing where I want to be, the inconsistency will not get me back here!

SO, here's where your ideas, direction, motivation, etc can help me! When I get back to Alabama, I'm on the search for a job! I would LOVE to find a photographer that I could work for Full Time! Or, I would love to continue to work in the photography field. If it isn't photography, anything creative I am confident in my ability to do. I just want stability and consistency in my career. I want to be able to fully focus on the future! While Freelancing is rewarding it is also stressful and I think the stress of it will hinder me in getting back to where my heart has now found its home. 

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Please please please feel free to leave me any ideas of where I can look!
Thanks so much friends!


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