February 2, 2015

Oahu: Part T W O

On Wednesday night I spent the night with Leah & Jerry!
They live in Kailua
We got up early Thursday morning, Leah went to do her training for her marathon while I sat....haha. She's a motivator and inspiration! When she made it back, she made me a delicious smoothie!

After breakfast, we Kayaked out to the Mokulua Islands.....THE MOKES!
From the mokes you face Lanikai and Kailua

It was a fun fun time getting out to the Mokes!
Again, with a super fun FUN group of people that I love dearly!
This is my favorite photo of my self so far from the whole trip!
Thanks Jerry for capturing it!

This me jumping into the Queens Bath!
Leah is so much fun to be around! The girl goes non stop, which I L O V E because I am the same way. So of course she wanted to jump in no matter how cold the water was!
And come on, how many chances do most people have in their life to jump into the Queens Bath?!?!

Stinkin Cute Couples!!! 

After we kayaked back to the beach, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. The sun was hidden behind the clouds. No less than beautiful, but it was a little bit chilly!

After the beach for a bit, we met back up with Leah & Jerry at the Kailua Town Farmers Market! I was introduced to G O O D N E S S.
Raw insanely delicious goodness. 

I had the Veggie Burger & Leah had their Lasagna
It was so delicious. Oh did I mention they let you sample everything {other than the Lasagna} before you purchase. Everything I tried was insane! SO full of flavor!!!

Again, Another super fun fun day...oh By the way, the night didnt end there. It ended with Faith & Ericka having a shopping extravaganza at Ross Dress For Less for Erickas Birthday!! I wish more than anything I would have taken a photo of their shopping cart, but unfortunately I was exhausted!!! It was so funny!

Okay thats all for Part two of my Oahu Trip!
I hope you're enjoying all the fun. Im almost positive that you aren't having as much fun reading as I have being there!

HAPPY MONDAY Friends. Remember, Monday is just another day....ultimately you choose if its a great day or the typical "Monday".

Just because I'm in Hawaii, doesn't mean its all full of beach days and adventurous views. Today, I will be behind a computer working my heart out. 

Bye now

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