February 1, 2015

Oahu: Part O N E

Hi Friends!!!
I've been on a different Island for four days. Every day was jam-packed with way too much fun stuff. So, unfortunately blogging may have been put on a hold for a few days! Sometimes, there are things that you just can't miss out on!!! And being in Oahu, I didnt want to miss a single second while I was there!! 

We did so SO much, so my time in Oahu will be broken up into 3 or 4 posts! So keep a look out for each one!

On Wednesday, Faith and I flew to Honolulu to see her daughter, Ericka and her Boyfriend Chris!! They are both so sweet and fun to be around!

Our flight was early so we had a full day after they picked us up from the airport!!

After they picked us up, we went to grab breakfast at Bogarts! Ericka's friend Sherry joined us! So, Sherry was my first new friend on the island!!!

I had an Acai Bowl...and Im not sure what everyone else got!
As soon as we finished eating, we were off for what we thought was a two hour hike. 

Lucky for me, someone who is a complete adrenaline junkie, the hike turned out to be 4 hours long, one way, and a little bit more tough and slightly dangerous. Talk about STUNNING VIEWS. The sites I saw on my first day have forever changed how I see beauty. Only Heaven itself could possilbly be as gorgeous as the views from the top of Makapu'u Tom Tom Trail. I can't wait to do it again. 

So if you look at the photo above, if you follow the street back toward the skyline, where the Road meets the Mountain, that is where we started the hike, and from this view we still had one more peak to top! So now you can understand why it was a 4 hour hike one way, plus we stopped to take a million photos, but honestly, who wouldn't?!?

This is the point in the day that God put two sweet girls in our path and we actually hitched a ride back to our car. I was all game for hiking all the way back the way we came, but unfortunately it would have been dark, and there was no way we would have made it back in time without being lost in the pitch black of night!
Anyway, this was such a fun time, and as you can see an awesome group of people to hang out with!!

After hiking, we were starving. We stopped at Sweet Home Waimanalo. Here I got a Spinach & Kale Smoothie!!

Faith got some sort of Chicken, but it came with a side of Okinawan Sweet Potatoes with Mango Chutney. Holy Heaven. This has probably been my favorite vegetable that I have eaten in Hawaii. And can you believe that color?!?! They are purple and so gorgeous! 

We actually took our food to Waimanalo Beach. Waimanalo is actually where Ericka's Boyfriend is from! It was such a gorgeous beach. 

And FINALLY I got to meet up with my {what feels like} long lost friend Leah!!!
I have missed her SO much! Last time I saw her, I was working at PSI in Florence and she stopped by for a few minutes just to say Hey!!

On Wednesday night, I went over and stayed with her and her Husband Jerry! Leah and I made a trip to Whole Foods. They cooked me a delicious dinner! A Sweet and Spicy Tofu Quesadilla. It seriously was so so delicious. They live in the cutest of cutest houses. 
Gosh, I really do miss them so so much. It was great catching up a little bit on life. I love their adventurous life together. Thanks you two for being awesome and opening up your home to me! Love Yall!!!

I am SO thankful thankful thankful for this trip and thankful for Dan and Faith for making this possible for me. SO THANKFUL. 

Part T W O will be up soon!!
Bye now

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