February 3, 2015

Oahu: Part T H R E E

Hi there!
I am back with more fun from my trip to see my friends on Oahu!!
PART THREE was F U N too!

We had brunch at the coolest little asian inspired place.
Yogur Story!

Obviously, all of this food wasnt for me. Just the first dish pictured :)

So, one of my other favorite things about Hawaii is...the hair issue. Okay, there are no issues because for some reason, my hair dries naturally really great here. I know it looks frizzy here, but thats because it is. hahaha. But whats the point in trying when its just going to end up frizzy anyway!

I bought myself new bracelets. 
There was this watch I wanted. HOLY HEAVEN it was gorgeous and most likely I will regret sooner than later not purchasing. 

I had another fun night hanging with my dear friend. She had to work that day, so she met up with us at Eat The Street.
This was SO fun and the theme was Chinese New Year. 

So as you can see lots of fun things went on.

Faith and I shopped the entire day. It was fun roaming the streets with the beautiful view of Waikiki beach right in sight!

The entire day was packed full of shopping and fun. 
We ended the night with a Hawaiian Mule and much needed sleep!!

Have I told you yet that Im pretty much obsessed with Island Life and I cant wait to make this a permanent thing!

Hope youre enjoying these fun photos! Im off for some more work time. I will be back to the fun soon...I hope!
Bye now

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