February 4, 2015

Oahu: Part F O U R

Saturday was our last day in Oahu!
Baby Mooshu was the cutest. Although, with her grammy around, I had to BEG for sweet pups attention and to be quite honest that still didnt work. 
I did wake up one night and she was laying by my head. I loved it. But that was only one night out of three. Still a cutie none the less.

Faith and I did a little shopping for most of our last day. 
 We took a really long walk down Waikiki Beach. It was awesome seeing everyone out on a Saturday doing really fun stuff! tons of people surfing, tons of people learning to serf, tons of people playing volleyball, tons of people just relaxing by the beach.....Gah this is the life for me friends!!! 

We had lunch while Ericka was working! She made me a delicious Lemon Drop Martini! 
Super delicious!!!

After lunch we shopped and shopped and shopped! 
and walked around all of the historic places to stay along Waikiki.
It was so much fun!

Poor Leah was supposed to meet us! however, she wasnt feeling so great!!! :(
I will see her soon though!!!! Can't wait until we BOTH live in Hawaii!

We ended the day with Lanikai Juice.
Faith had a Pitaya Bowl & I had a Green Bowl.

I L O V E All of the fresh fruit here.

Well friendies thats it for the trip to Oahu!
F U N F U N place.
I love Island Life and I never want it to E N D 

Maybe just maybe it wont be.
Bye now

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