December 22, 2014

Weekend Post!


^^^^^^ WHOA^^^^^^
He's good looking
and Im awesome at catching good looking moments ;)

I wanted to tell you about my weekend!
So, Friday I went to Montgomery to see Harry. 
It was my First time to go there and see him. He always drives to Birmingham to see me!
Which is so sweet. So, I went there. I have been wanting to for a while now.
It was such a fun FUN day!!
We did so much in a few hours. 
I met his family. We had a great lunch. We went to see a movie. We got Starbucks. And THEN he took me downtown. I love cities so much. I love their lights. I love the people. I just love the whole ora. So, He had a surprise for me. Harry kept asking me if I had figured out the surprise yet as we were walking. Of course I hadn't because I've never been to Downtown Montgomery. I didn't know what there was to do! 

So we are walking and we walk through this fun light tunnel and then there is a BOAT with pretty Christmas lights!
We went on a Riverboat ride and oh my goodness. It was soooo much fun. 
There was live and very entertaining music on it. We had a great dinner and great conversation.  It was so fantastic and such a great surprise. I can't get over how sweet he is. And he makes me laugh non-stop.

Here are a few photos from the Riverboat!

SO so much fun!
We came back to Birmingham and the rest of the weekend was wonderful.
We conquered a family Christmas Party which involved Dirty Santa!

Yesterday we had such a great Christmas Service at Church. First of all, we got to see Raeghan all the way from Romania. We also got to see all of the sweet smiling childrens faces. Raeghans smile was so pretty. I really have never seen anyone with such a heart for something. It just makes me cry haha. Im so proud of her!

After we Facetimed with Rae, we had communion and had a candlelight service. 
It was so pretty.

Its been a really really great weekend. Thats really an understatement. 
I can't believe it.
Which means, This week is SUPER short and I have  a lot of work to conquer in two days.  
Bye for now friends. 
Thanks for reading.


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