December 19, 2014


Hey Hey Hey!

Today is going to be wonderful :)
I am ecstatic that I get to see this dreamboat today!
YAHOOOOO. Long awaited.

SO, I've been thinking about the new year...not resolutions. Just what I want to focus on. Do you write out a focus for the year or do you write out goals??
In 2015, I really want to focus on the things I already do, and really become better. Last weekend during my Bodyflow Training, every time someone would instruct we had to tell them their strengths and something they could work on to improve. Jen said that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. And that is something that totally runs in my blood. As an artist, we are our toughest critic, and will always see where we can improve. Its one of those things that seems to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It's great because the perfectionism is what drives you to always want improvement. When I was working towards my art degree it was a hard road for anyone to receive an "A" because like I said artists A L W A Y S see room for improvement.

So I say all of this to say this, challenge yourself in the new year. Take O N E thing that you know could use improvement. It doesn't have to be a craft, it could be a a self-worthing thing, it could be a character thing, it could be the way you handle relationships, it could be really any thing. Focus on it and get better at, be a better person for it. 

I know there is a WHOLE lot of GOOD going on in the world. Heck, my sweet baby seester is all the way in Romania RIGHT NOW making a HUGE difference in the lives of sweet children. but when I think back over 2014, I really see a year full of, well, honestly a whole lot of negative. It seems like every time I pass the television, there is some bad/sad/depressing news on and it only seems to get worse. All of the hate in this world, all of the protests, all of the murders is sickening. {I realize that a lot of the news simply focuses on negative because thats what gets ratings up!} But really, what if everyone focused on one negative thing in their life and worked on turning that negative into a positive. Do you think it would contribute to the whole world as a whole? I do!! Lets make a positive difference friends!!

Bye for now,

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