December 18, 2014

Happy 26th

Today is a very special little ladies TWENTY SIXTH Birthday!
Lyssa Lou....or you can call her Alyssa.
This girl and I have been so close since birth. I am only 6 months older than her, so since we are so close in age, we have always been SO close!

I have TONS more photos with her BUT....My hair is BLONDE in all of them and its big and very southern. So...Ill leave those off for today haha!

We have so many awesome memories together. Some of my favorites are our matching bright bright bright green fishy bathing suites when we were t i n y, our matching Fleece Old Navy Suits, Sneaking on the phone and hearing that we are indeed getting NSYNC tickets for Christmas, finding and burying that dead frozen kitty cat, walking past the volleyball net to talk to boys at the beach and then getting caught, Senior beach trips, and my absolute favorite to the date, being your main gal and next to you on your wedding day!!! So now I'm ready to add many many more!

I hope your Birthday is fantastic!!!!
I love you.


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