December 16, 2014

Top Two: Gifts that Give Back

Hi Hi!!!
Its time for my Top Two this week
Since its still the Holiday Season, we are still sticking with the GIFTS, TRADITIONS, RECIPES, etc for the Top Two Picks. 

This week, its all about Gifts that Give Back to another cause!
Seventy is one of my all time favorite sites, and I purchase from the all throughout the year. 
You can read all about what they do, Here!

So here we go!
Here are my Top Two Picks for this week.
OH MAN... They have it in a Vneck
The campaign going on right now on their site gives back to Operation Christmas Child with is an organization that my church has helped raise for my whole life!!
This shirt is an amazing reminder. Really, if we all loved each other, and treated one another how we would like to be treated then we would live in a much better society.
I know its easier said than done, but it is possible, and the more your practice loving others, the easier it becomes. Just Love People!!!


Really! If you haven't ever checked out Sevenly, do so NOW :)
What they do is amazing and I absolutely LOVE it!

Those are my TOP TWO for the week. 
What are your Top Two for the week??!

Bye now 

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