November 18, 2014

TOP TWO: Holiday Cooking Traditions

It's time for this weeks TOP TWO!
This week is all about the Holiday Traditions.
I know for most of us, there are always family traditions that we just absolutely look forward to every year around the holidays. As soon as that excitement is fulfilled every season, its like that anxious feeling for a year to pass is immediately back. There is just something about the Holiday season that makes you H A P P Y. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo....Or maybe I know that at the heart of the whole season, perfection was born to this world just so I can live.
SO, Clearly I love love loved the holidays!

Okay so here are only TWO of my very many favorite holiday cooking traditions!

Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Eve 
They are so simple and made from Crescent Rolls!
I know I know...I don't eat Cinnamon Rolls. But, I do however L O V E baking and I love making these on Christmas Eve with my Nanny. 

Two years ago, my nanny and I were cooking away on Christmas Eve Morning and we realized we didn't have the crescent rolls we needed. So, what do you do?? You send PawPaw to the grocery to grab them!? Wrong. He came back with Garlic Buttered Crescent Rolls. 
So needless to say, the Cinnamon Rolls didn't happen that year. But it sure was funny to joke about.


My Grandmommy is a WONDERFUL cook. Breakfast at her house on Christmas Day is always so delicious. Every year we all look SO forward to her Sticky Buns. They are the best on planet. Swear by it. The whole breakfast at her house is perfection, but the sticky buns are definitely the Star dish for the morning!

So tell me, What are your TOP TWO Holiday Traditions?!?!
I would love to hear. 

Bye for now

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