November 6, 2014

ibB Catchup!!!

Hey Hey Heyyyy!!!
Oh I have missed my little space here. I've been SO busy with Faith these past few days. 
Sadly Faith got on a plane yesterday to head back to her Paradise!!! I was SAD to see her leave. BUT I will be seeing her very soon. in 70something days or so. 

My last weekend in Florence was P E R F E C T ! ! !

I got to enjoy it with Harry. We had such a good time. I laugh constantly at him. He's hilarious and its awesome. So, we went to the movies on Sunday and saw Fury. I  LOVED the movie. SO MUCH!!! Some of it made me sad, but if you've been wondering if you should see it, I totally say YES to that!

Harry Finallllllllyyyyyy got to meet Faith and Gypsy. YAY!

Holy Heaven Ya'll!!!  I wish you could have seen Gypsy yesterday when we pulled back up to my parents house in Bham. She went ballistic and knew exactly where we were and who was inside. I couldnt get her out of the car fast enough....actually, she normally will sit in the seat until you help little princess out of the car. But, yesterday when I opened the car door, She leaped out and ran as fast as she could to the front door with that little booty of hers swaying back and forth doing that little Gypster Hipster dance that she does when she is super excited! I was cracking up!!!!!

I will leave you with this awesome picture from Saturday! This is at my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE place in Florence! It's so peaceful and so beautiful. 
I miss this so much!

it's almost the weekend friends!! What are your plans??

Bye now

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