October 31, 2014


Hey Hey!!!
We are wrapping up Shoot FOURTEEN. Holy Heaven its been a whirlwind. But it sure has been fun a fun one. 

The images above are a ONE WOMAN show. Amanda Chapman Photography. Amanda is clearly clearly talented.
Stoop by her site and her instagram to see her 31 Days of Halloween. 
Seriously the Shoals has some crazy talent!!

I haven't even had a chance to think about Halloween. So, no I will not be dressing up, and I also plan on going to see Katie Bug and Harper tonight HOPEFULLY and thats about it other than cleaning my apartment. The life of a mid-twenties gal who lives alone with no one to help clean :) haha PLUS I am expecting company in the morning, otherwise I would be out having fun tonight rather than cleaning!

Ooohhh, but my cleaning night is totally worth it because its all for my man who I finally finally finally get to see tomorrow.


and I can NOT wait. Its seriously been a MONTH since I have seen him.

I'm off to tackle the day!
Bye now 

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