October 14, 2014

Top Two...its B A C K

If you have been reading my blog for a couple of years, you might remember me doing a post every tuesday called Top Two. This goes a couple of years back. There was a gal who was a fantastic blogger who Hosted a Top Two Tuesday post, and so so so many other bloggers would join in on her fun!!! She would post a topic every tuesday, and it was always so much fun. If I remember correctly the girl who hosted it got sick or something, and took a break from blogging. From there, I just kept doing my own Top Two posts and it continued for a while. At some point along the way, I sort of got away from it. Well, today is the day that it starts back!!! It is Tuesday, right? haha, Kidding!!!
I wish SO bad I could remember the girls name and blog who started Top Two Tuesday, if you are a blogger and remember who it was, please feel free to comment and let me know!! Thanks in Advance!

So Here we GO!!! This weeks Top Two is all about 
Now, I have a TON of Instagram accounts that are my absolute favorites and my favorites do change probably weekly and maybe even more than once a week!
But as of right now, These are my TOP TWO!

Do you see all of that goodness.
This account had been in my toppies for a constant couple of months. So inspiring and she is such a beauty!
Obviously I follow more fashion accounts than accounts of people I actually know. I'm not at all ashamed to admit that. I love what I love {fashion obsessed, right here!} so I'm totally okay with it!


Bri Emery is seriously a design genius! Her instagram account is full of colorful images that are just so stunning!!! Here is a bit about this brilliant beauty!!!
{Creative director, blogger and travel addict living in los angeles. I also teach a fun photoshop class for bloggers called @iheartblogshop.}

What are your Top Two Instagram accounts??
Please share, i would love to check them out. And please, check out my two!!! You'll love them. I just know it!

Happy Tuesday Friends
I hope its a good one for you!


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