October 18, 2014

The Next Three Weeks....and a new illustration

Hey Friends!!!
Today, I pack up three weeks worth of stuff, My whole entire giant iMac, my Macbook, Basically my entire work station, as well as Gypsy Marie's Belongings, and I hit the road for Florence!!
I will be in Florence working hard for three weeks and I am SO excited about being back for a little bit. My FAVORITE parts about it are first of all, and the obvious reason, spending time with my Bestie Friendy Francelina Mae!! And next being able to work with Faith!!! YAHOO.

Before I go, Here is my latest illustration.

If you have asked me to do an illustration of you, I promise you, I am working hard at getting them to you!! In my spare time away from working these next few weeks, I can guarantee you, I will get you a wonderful illustration that you are going to L O V E. 

I am having WAY too  much fun with these. 

Bye now, 

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