October 20, 2014


Hi!!! I am back in Florence for three weeks. So far its been a whirlwind of different things. I've cleaned! I've worked with FAITH. YES! I love love loveeee being back with Faithy. Its soo much fun. I've played with Gypsy. 

So, Speaking of that little princess, its been tough for me not having her by me non stop. I love that little pup. Its going to be really hard on me when I have give her back to Faith & Dan! BUT, I sure have enjoyed every second with her!!! I'm pretty sure my whole family is going to struggle with it. 

Tonight its a SLUMBER PARTY night with my Best Friend! Oh my goodness. I am so over the moon to hang out with Frances!  AND in the morning I get to have coffee with Mary Mac! Yippppeeeeee!!! I love my second family. 

Well I'm off to catch up on some shows with Frances!
See you soon! I will be posting a new illustration tomorrow soooo, stay tuned!
Bye now 

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