July 7, 2014

Holiday Weekend!

Hi Hi!!! 
How was your long Holiday weekend??
Mine was G R E A T!

First of all...I got to see The Local Saints play on Thursday night <3 
Love those guys. It made me S O O O O o o o o excited for Handy Fest!

On the 4th, I may be slightly guilty of working a little bit. I am a little covered up with work right now, and NO I didn't get completely caught up. But at least I did get a little bit of work done. I wanted to enjoy the holiday too just like everyone else. And I did do that!

These girls. I love them. SO so much.
We had a blast on the 4th along with a bunch of other people who aren't in our photo. 
We grilled out, threw the frisbee, ate watermelon, played corn hole, etc and of course we went and watched the fireworks out on the river. We had an amazing spot too! It was a fun fun day.

Saturday I got up early for a run. After my gorgeous run downtown, I cleaned very little. ha! then packed for a short trip to Tennessee. 
My trip was fun. Good People. Good Times!!! I took zero pictures while I was in Tennessee. I didn't keep my phone with me, which always results in zero photos.

In a nutshell, this weekend was a blast. When I got back to Florence yesterday evening, I barely made it in my door, crashed on my couch, and thats where I woke up this morning. I'm super glad I woke up on time!

I'm off to work. Oh AND this whole month I am doing posts of my outfits on Instagram. You should follow if you don't :) It's a great way to stay inspired with your clothing and a great way to get ideas for future use!  Insta: Itsybitsybrianna

Okay bye now

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