May 28, 2014

Wedding Photos.

Frannie & Brenty's Wedding was b e y o n d PERFECT.
They are the cutest little married couple on the planet. I've never seen two people who are so in love with each other.

The entire Saturday was fantastic. Overall everything went smoothly.
They had a wonderful turn out.
They said their vows and we all danced the night away. 

It feels SO weird because I haven't talked to Francelina since that day. We talk everyday....all day basically. So this is so weird. I can;t wait for her and the hubs to get back from their honeymoon so I can hear all about it. 

They get back Saturday <3
Then I am off to the beach for a WEEK. Can't wait. 

I'm out friends. 
Heading to the gym
Bye now 

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