March 17, 2014

Perfect Weekend

This weekend has been way too much fun for me and apparently exactly what I needed.
Friday the weather was gorgeous and I was lucky enough to call it the weekend a few hours earlier than normal. 
I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside laying in the grass with gypsy and soaking up the gorgeous blue sky. I felt like a hipster so carefree. It felt pretty amazing.

Saturday Gypsy and I may or may not have stayed in the bed until AFTERNOON time. You know I am an early bird and N E V E R do stuff life that. It was so relaxing and something that I can tell today, that I really really needed. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am an insanely hard worker and I DO deserve some downtown every now and then. When its deep in your soul to work your tail off in everything, sometimes its hard for us to grasp the "take a rest" mindset. We constantly are wanting to see results, so if we slow down, we don't see results fast enough. Sometimes its good though to just grasp that mindset and do it, whether you want to or not. In that moment you might be itching to get back to working on something, but later you will feel the results when your body feels rested. For me it gives me MORE drive to start back and tackle things. If you're life me and an over-achiever at life, give the "take a rest" a try.

Yesterday was Frannie Mae Mae's first BIG shower. It was so great seeing everyone from downtown that I had gotten so close to. All the PSI crew was there and it was great great seeing them. I definitely need to swing by there more ofter and visit them.

My family also came up to Florence for the shower. Love love love them for that.
It was a gorgeous time and Frances and Brent had a great turn out and got some great gifts.

OH one thing I did MISS THE HECK OUT OF this weekend was RAEGY! Oh my word. I miss you lady :(

HAPPY MONDAY! I'm off to get my work out sesh in.
Bye now,

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