November 6, 2013

Stephy Visit!

Last night was a much needed night. Work was yesterday. So after working out, I went to visit my friend Stephanie {from back home} who is doing some Physical Therapy in a facility here in Florence.

It was so GREAT to see her and how amazing she is doing.
She was in a terribly motorcycle accident back in July.

Basically from the looks of the pictures that she showed me last night, its a pure miracle that she is alive. If I know ANYONE who is strong-willed, slightly stubborn and determined its Stephanie. And in situations like the one she is in, it definitely takes that type of strong-willed strength {and strength from the one who gives and created it....GOD} to come out of something like she has!

I completely lost track of time as we chatted. Thats how awesome of a chat-time that we had. We talked about SO much in a 4 and a half hour span! We have so many crazy memories together :) good times of course! We talked about those fun past memories. We talked about her current situation and the road she has ahead. We talked about my current life. We talked about her married life, we talked about my single life {haha}, We talked about the future. We cant wait for her to get better so we can hit the road on a trip!!!

It was such a blessing for me to get to spend time with her and I can only hope I was a little bit of a blessing to her.

Hope you all had a wonderful lets tackle Wednesday!


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