November 17, 2013

C R A Z Y weekend.

Whoa can you say INSANE!
I have seriously had the most crazy busy weekend. What about yours??!? 
Friday I went to pamper myself with Frannie, Lydia, and little Katie Bug. We went and got a manicure. much much much needed.  Later I went to hang out with my friendy Justin!

Saturday I knew was going to be crazzzyyyy but I didn't realize how much it would drain out of me. I got up SUPER early to help my favorite little lady get beautified for her engagement pictures. Frannie and Brent looked SO adorable for the pictures.
Rain and was beautiful out! I just know the pictures are going to be  
a m a z i n g !

I left Florence around 9:15 and hit 157 to Birmingham.
My cousin Alyssa who is getting married SIX days had her Bridesmaids Luncheon.
I am the MOH in her wedding as well. 

The Luncheon was SO much fun. The food was almost too pretty to eat. Tiffany really knows how to throw a party. She's quite the host. And their house is STUNNING.

After the shower, my mom and I went on the venture to find shoes that I can wear in the wedding....ummm my foot is MICROSCOPIC and I cant find any shoes to fit. Its beyond frustrating. After giving up on the shoes for the day {because I was just so ill about it haha} I went home and thought I was going out to watch the bama game. unfortunately plans got miscommunicated and I ended up sleeping the night away. I guess in this case I ended up doing exactly what my body needed to.

Today Started off early again. Back to Florence I went at SIX A.M.
 I N V E N T O R Y is not fun! But its finished and over with now. Worked from 8 to around 3 today. 

I am currently listening to the Epic Worship band in Decatur. iCampus is so awesome!
Sorry this post is kind of all over the place...but welcome to my world friends.

bye now

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