July 12, 2013


Umm can you say AWESOME week?!? Yep I do believe so.
I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the week with so so sooo much work. I might have had a few breakdowns. Thank GOD I work with my best friend in the entire world. Frances understands it. So, she can talk me through anything that might be driving me insane on a stressful busy day!

Wednesday was the B O M B. 
About an hour before my break, I hear the door to PSI open.
From my computer in the very back of the store, all I could see was a silhouette of a very familiar hat.

J came to see me!!!
He's so stinkin precious. I just love him to death! I didn't want him to leave. gah. BUT he'll be back in  TWO weeks for Handy Fest. <3<3
P r e c i o u s Guy!

Thursday was BUSYBUSY helping Frannie Mae get ready to go off and stock PSI up with some fantastic Merch! She is gone to the Gift Market in Atlanta. 
She has sent me some pictures of GREAT things that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Well I dont know what the plans for the weekend are...Homework, illustrations, and hanging with friends is what I am thinking. 
OH and meeting Baby Charlee Bea Tomlin and visiting her momma and daddy!!!

HEY incase I haven't said this in a while 
I am B L E S S E D beyond belief. 


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