November 6, 2012

Top Two!

Hey heyyyy 

Last night I had such a wonderful night with me, myself, and fashion. I kept seeing these models with absolutely breathtaking faces. The makeup was so beyond perfection and I just kept noticing, and noticing faces that seemed to have the same artists work. Sure enough most all of the cosmetics were done by Francois Nars.

So I figured what better topic for Top Two tonight! Top two is all about Francois Nars work! So here are my picks for the week.


2010 Nouvelle Femme Fatale

Vogue Japan


2012 The Resort of Beauty

Vogue Japan

The work in The Resort of Beauty Editorials are insane. Breathtaking. Perfect. His work is beyond amazing. What an amazing gift!!!

Definitely check out his past work. It's brilliant.

Hope your Tuesday was spiffy. 



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