October 15, 2012

In the groove

hey hey! Monday is coming to an end and I am super anxious for the next few days. Tomorrow, I MUST finish up a few things in the fitting room, (and yes I plan to share photos) It will be another late night of working just like tonight was. Wednesday, well...that's PAYDAY so who isn't anxious for a payday?

Thursday, we are having a Southern Point Trunk Show and I am SUPER excited!!! It is from 12 - 5 so if youre in the Florence area, DEFINITELY stop by. Also, if you aren't from the Florence or Shoals area, feel free to join us too. A little road trip is always fun!!!

So then it will be f r i d a y and it will be time for relaxation, FAB FAB FAB time and FUN memory making!

Ahhh Seriously can't wait. HAve I told you lately that I LOVE my life right now. 

Which reminds me, the Walking Dead started last night. I am overly excited about this season and to top off the premier, I actually got to spend some time with this guy while watching it.

It was a good night and today was a good day. 

Good nighty my loves.

Bysie Bye.


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