October 13, 2012

Perfect Saturday

Hi Loves. You know I have missed you! I came home to Birmingham for the weekend, so you know how that goes. Apologies for missing a post on Friday! My little Brother wanted us to go to his High School football game, so that's what we did. It was fun getting to just sit and socialize with my family and friends. And I LOVED that the entire family made me super proud wearing their stripes!

Saturday for me was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I woke up, relaxed with some coffee time, then got dressed and hit the road to hit up the Hobby Lobby! I bought BEAUTIFUL fabrics for the Men's Fitting Room at work! Then I spent the rest of the day sewing away on some Panel Curtains. I finished them and they are going to look SO  SOOOOOO good for our Trunk Show on Thursday! I'm SUPER excited and anxious to get them up on Monday!

Last night I went over to the Summit to meet the SPARKLIES for a fun life catchup & Movie night! Seeing my ex-sparkle city co-workers was SO SOOOO much fun!

I got there a little early so I could go to UO. I don't know if I have mentioned this, but Frances and I want a baby kitten...like SUPER bad. SUPER SUPER bad! So for about well over a month I have been messing with Mary Mac and flooding her phone with photos of precious little kittens. Last night I spotted this shirt and HAD HAD HAD to tell her I bought it for her. I couldn't resist. It was SO funny. We are having SO much fun with this Kitten thing. 

She plays around with it too....For Instance...

She came home a few nights ago, and yelled up the stairs and told me to come downstairs. So I walked down, and she says, "I bought you a kitty..." I so super excited, responded with a "WHAT!!! OMG where???!!!!" and turn around to this oh so precious and warm blanket. 

So see, we are having SO much fun with this together. LOVE YOU MARY MAC! Can't wait to hold my real Kitty...Don't forget to get me a really great great GREAT stocking for Christmas.

I met up with the Sparklies at Barnes and Noble. We chatted, went to Pink Berry, then back to Barnes, then to see Pitch Perfect! It was SO much fun seeing them again. Every single time, its like we just pick up right where we left off. I feel so BLESSED to have these fantastic people as friends. LOVE YOU MEL B, CHRIS, and DONNIE...Tiffany, we missed you being there so much!

So see how GREAT my Saturday was!

Today the plan is to go to church, lunch with the family, Shop with mom, go see my grandmommy, then it's time for the season premier of THE WALKING DEAD. Eeeep. CAN'T WAIT. like at all.

Tootles for now.


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