September 10, 2012

Weekend via Instagram

hi loves. just trying to wined down for the night. when I've been going going going all day, its so hard for me to settle down at night. It's crazy. my night was spent cutting fabrics. 

this fabric, however, stole my heart! I am in-love-with-it. It's GORGEOUS!!! Hopefully there will be some left over so I can think of something wearable to make out of it.

Here's a rundown of my weekend though. It was w o n d e r f u l . So relaxing. So needed. and what I loved about it so SO much is that it didn't zoom by. It went by a normal pace. My life just feels like its a whirlwind these past couple of months. One of my biggest fears is that I will get so caught up in life, trying to make it happen, that I might actually miss it. That's such a terrifying thought to me. Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? 

early saturday morning, I went out in the misty rain and picked lots and lots of muscadines. YUM. These seriously are the best fruit. If you have never tried them, please do yourself a favor and do so. I made some preserves out of them. 

I went on a Target & WM shopping escapade with the Fran and Mary Mac. They had a Birthday Party to throw on Sunday for the sweetest three year old, Camden, so there were lots of things to get fore the party. I snagged a BFF Tom shot!!! 

Sunday, I went to church with Adrianne, and made new friends. We had a lunch date after at Panera! It was SO great going to church with A. I loved it. Sunday School was fantastic....really really got a lot out of it. Lunch with A, Faith, Melanie, & Alyssa was wonderful. I had a great time meeting the other ladies. Sweet sweet ladies, and this will definitely be happening much more often. LOVED it.

Here is a snapshot of the FUN at Camden's Birthday party. I told Frances & MM that they should start there own event planning business. These two know how to give a party!!!

I preserved some muscadines. Haven't given them a taste yet, so I'm a little nervous of the outcome. But hey, it was the first time for these, and you know...there's a first time for everything! I'll let you know how they turn out.

Lydia helped me monogram the most adorable FAB whale, that I plan on turning into a key chain. I am in love with little FAB whale. She's precious. Thanks Lydia for sharing your awesome talent with me:)

Well as you see, I definitely am an expert at squeezing in a whole lot into two days. Oh but sometimes that's just how things must be done. 

Hope Monday treated you well. 

Share your weekend with me!!! 

Bysie, B's

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