September 11, 2012

Top Two...or three, four, five, etc.

hi hi hiiiii

Okay so once again I sit here needing to rest, with my eyes closed, and all nestled up and cuddle into the arms of...Well, none other than my cozy blanket of course! But instead of resting, nestled, and cuddled, I sit here in front of my computer, with a couple of TOP items that I want & definitely think I NEED!

Let the list being...

The Double Crepe Andea Coat - Shoshanna

The Ena Crepe Jacket - Alice + Olivia

Long Jacket - Stella McCartney 

Wide Leg Plaid Pants - Alice + Olivia

The Zooey Shirtdress - Shoshanna

Motorcycle Jacket - Alice + Olivia

Oh and SOOO many more things. Goodness, it's a shame Im not made of money!!!

Well tell me...who are a few of your favorite designers and what are your favorite items for the week. YES I said week!! Share away loves.

sweetie peaches, 


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