September 8, 2012

Never ending.

Resting up today!

We've had a really busy last couple of weeks. Well actually last month, but we have made SO many great memories! And honestly, I know I live with Frances, but we don't get to just catch up and talk that much even though we live in the same house. Since I moved here we've been working working working. So, when we get home we immediately hit the sack pretty much. So, when we are working nights it's kind of a good time to catch up on our lives and stuff! I'm so thankful for our friendship and for this opportunity to be back in Florence.

I am blessed beyond words and I get so SO teary-eyed just thinking about the love and care God has for me. JUST ME. It's a love that doesn't end. I don't have to share it. I don't have to wonder and worry if and when he's going to get tired of me. HE'S EVERLASTING. Never ENDING. and I am in love.

Have a SUPER blessed saturday! I am going thrifting and then relaxing! 

Tootles for now my friends



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