September 17, 2012

Weekend Photos

Hey there! Can't lie at all...I am typing this with heavy HEAVY eyelids. I am super ready to be back to normal blogging schedule. I feel so bad about Itsy Bitsy. I feel like I have abandoned my blog over the past month and I feel like I am letting all of my readers down. Please just know that I seriously can't wait to be back to a normal routine with blogging.

So tonight, I  have a few photos from the weekend to share with you!

first off, let me share this...The motor home above is what has been keeping me sooo busy at night! This is what our project at work is all about. So, when I passed one on i-65, I just had to snag a photo. This TOTALLY made one of the highlights of my weekend! I l o v e d seeing the Allegro Red!

It was SUCH a fun weekend! I got to spend time with the family. They all came over to grill on Sunday afternoon. Reisa had a golf lesson from pawpaw. Reilly & I rode the scooters. AND I made a new FAB Looptie Scarf!!

This weekend was PERFECT and much much much needed. If I saw you this weekend, I am SO so glad I did. 

well my eyelids are even heavier since I started tryping. 

How was your weekend??? Share share share! 

OH and one tiny little last thing...Please go share the FAB art and design Facebook page!! Share share share away with your friends.



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