September 15, 2012

Family Day & cupcake update

Hi There. As you all probably know already, I LOVE Sundays. I Love blogging, getting dolled up, worship time, church family time, then lots of my family time!! 

And like most weekends I am home, today will go just like I described above.

EXCEPT tonight, we are having a few people over at our house to grill! I am SUPER excited and can't wait to just make new memories with the people I love most. 

Yesterday, I spent most of the day running around searching for a certain kind of glue for work. FOUND IT! Mom and I just drove around the Birmingham Area until we had our hands on four pints of the icky mess. I was so happy every time I left each one of the art supply stores simply because at both places we stopped, the workers and I were just so like-minded I guess. Just made my day! 

Later yesterday afternoon I did a test run of the cupcakes for a wedding party that will be next weekend! AND they turned out DELICIOUS. I can't wait to make them next weekend! Looks like it will be a little bit of a late night on Friday night next week, and an early morning on Saturday! OH its going to be SO fun!!!! I will definitely take photos next weekend when I actually focus on taste and appearance.

Off here to get ready for church. HAPPY SUNDAY loves.


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