August 21, 2012

Top Two - Sugarlips Apparel

Hi there! Tonight I am getting back to my Top Two post. I have missed it. Things have been crazy in Florence, Alabama the past couple of weeks. I keep thinking to myself, I will get back to the swing of things next week. I will figure out my routine in few weeks. Well the weeks keep passing and everything keeps changing. Maybe just maybe, this IS the new routine and swing of things, and thats perfectly fine by me! Just a quick catch-up I am still l o v i n g being back in Florence. It's just a place you have to see for yourself! Come for a visit. 

So this weeks Top Two is all about Sugar Lips Apparel. 

I recently posted about one of their dresses, the optical illusion dress. So as I was getting info on that dress I couldn't help but find myself looking around the sale items. Come on, who doesn't like a good buy?

So here are my TOP TWO Sugar Lips sale pieces 


Button Front Tulip Skirt - $25


The Haze Along Skirt - $35

Both of these items as I said are on sale which is the perfect excuse to make a purchase!  Go shop SUGARLIPS! You'll Love it. Also, come back and tell me what your favorite items are.

 bysie bye


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