August 20, 2012

Gorgeous Mom's Birthday & Rest

Today was my sweet dearest moms birthday. I got to see her for a few minutes before I hit the travel back to Florence for work. My brother & I surprised her with a mini cake this morning!  She has been harrassing me basically since the middle of June about printing our beach pictures. Well, I decided that for her birthday I would create her a large photo wreath of all o f the family photos from the beach! The wreath was so SO much fun to make. I will post a photo of it the next time I am home. I was so busy last week (and this week too) working overtime on a side project that it completely slipped my mind to snag a photo of the process as well as the finished piece.

Tonight we started back working directly after work! I can feel the exhaustion already creeping in and its only Monday. As soon as I got home and ready to snuggle up to my pillow, I dove into the only thing I knew that would give me strength and encouragement. I KNOW KNOW KNOW that I, Brianna Bolden, can absolutely NOT continue to push, push, and push myself in my own strength. Matthew 11:28-30 reminded me that when I seek the Lord, I will find rest. For me, that doesn't just mean spiritually and emotionally. Tonight, after reading and praying my body physically felt rested. I could feel the tension leaving, the exhaustion being taken over. I will sleep very well tonight. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read! All of my readers, you mean so much to me and THANKS!


One last HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful mom. You are more than I could ever pray for. You are the best and I wouldn't change a single thing about you.

Love you -Bri

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