August 22, 2012

Creative Share

Hello my dear

Tonight, far as creative share goes. 

this photo is about all of the Creative Share I have left. We are still working away on these Option Catalogs. So, all of my 'creative' energy is being put into these books. They are fun to make. A real crafty project:) However, I sure do miss having blog material to write. This week I've pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants as far as posting goes. And that, I'm sure you can tell. Please know though, that I truly have missed, SO MUCH, writing my blog without fighting to hold open my eyelids.

Hopefully things will chill out a little bit soon. 

Tomorrow night I have a hair appointment, so I will be absorbing and soaking up all of that relaxation time.

Tootles for now. This girl needs rest.


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