August 23, 2012


Hi. I just got home from getting my hair colored. I drive an hour just to get my hair cut & colored. I just love where I go, and Jimmy does exactly what I want every single time I go. So, it's completely worth the drive. Plus it's usually great mother-daughter time. However, tonight my mom wasn't able to make it because it was my brothers first football game.

Here is my freshly colored hair.

I love it. And the Blonde is the exact shade I was crossing my fingers for. I always feel like bleach is so risky. You can't trust just anyone with that stuff. As far as the cut, I pretty much just got it shaped up.

Well I'm completely exhausted once again. I went in at 7 this morning with all intentions on leaving at 4 this afternoon so I wouldn't have to rush and be late for my hair appointment. Well well, what do you know. I worked until 5 and yes I did indeed rush to get there, and yes I was a few minutes late. Oh well made it safe and sound there and back home.

How was everyones day!? Glad tomorrow is FRIDAY? I sure sure sure am!

I'm staying in FLORENCE ALL WEEKEND so if you are a Florence Friendy and you're reading this, lets do something!!

Be back tomorrow. And please, I sincerely apologize for the completely random and sporadic posts the past few weeks. These late nights are taking a toll on me and my usually routine.



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