August 5, 2012

Saturday was a FUN day. So fun.

Remember my fantastic jeans I just couldnt wait to wear on Friday!

Well I did snag a tiny quick photo of them.

And I still loved them even more on Friday than I did those torturous days before. Gosh waiting to wear them was awful but so worth it. They were perfect. ah. I think I will wear them this friday too!!
Yesterday Frances and I shopped our hearts out in Huntsville.

We had such a blast. 

I took a few inspiring photos. Enjoy.

After shopping we made a pallet and watched girly movies the rest of the night

Oh and we might be guilty of doing that for basically the entire day today. 

It's been the BEST weekend. Much rest and much relaxation deserved. Night loves.

we have an early drive back to Florence for work.



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