August 4, 2012

Plan for the day...

Other than to simply be FAB ::winkwink::

GOOOD HEAVENNSSS This weekend couldnt get here fast enough. France and I have been chomping at the bits to get our hind-ends to Madison to stay at Brents. Since Brent is working in Alaska, it really helps Frances to fill that special place Brent holds in her heart with being in his house and feeling a little bit closer to him. Bless her little 'head-over-heels' in love heart. She  misses her man! So this entire weekend we are living at Brents! Today here is the plan in photos of course!

Paint my nails.

Primp a little....but not too much.

Get caffeinated at the Starbs.

Shopping. Lots of it. I want NEED will find the glasses above.

FUN FUN Day ahead with the Best Friend a gal could ask, wish, pray for. Love you frannie mae.

Okay friends thats all for now. I will FOR SURE take lots of photie-os today.




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