August 2, 2012

FRIDAY = Jean day.

I have NEVER in my life been so excited to wear jeans! Why is it that when you can't have something, you seem to want it ALL the more? Is it just part of Human Nature? Ever since I started working at PSI, I just want to wear jeans everyday....but can't. YES I love using that as a great excuse to dress up a whole lot and naturally I love that. But there is always a part of me that just simply wants to wear jeans, maybe even some with holes in them! 

So here are some photos I've been collecting over the week specifically for being so freaking excited to wear my NEW jeans tomorrow!


I can't WAIT to wear my jeans tomorrow. I really just don't know if I am going to sleep well because of this. And Yep, you guessed it. Tomorrow I will have photos of my style. So be sure and check back Saturday Morning. 

Frances and I are heading straight to Madison & Huntsville after work. SUPER excited for a much need shopping & jewelry making weekend.

Bysie Bye


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