July 21, 2012

Girl Time.

Hey there. I have a relaxing, fun, family time, memory making day ahead.

The plan is to spend time with mom, Auntie, Rae, Reisa, Reilly, and Blanca. Can't wait. I have missed my ladies SO much. SO MUCH. 

I'm feeling a little icky because I stayed up ALL night designing new stuff for the new job. I've been so busy with at work that I haven't been able to design any cutsie samples to display. However, I am so thankful to be busy in my section of Psi! So anyway, last night I sat down with my Mac-y with intentions to design maybe two or three things. Umm. I went to bed thirty-two designs later. I couldn't stop once I started. It was INSANE. But I'm thinking that my blah feeling to day is going to be so worth it once I get all of them printed and displayed! I LOVE My new job. LOVE IT.

So, once I get them all printed and out, if you live in the shoals area feel free to stop by and make a purchase!!!!  Well I must get ready to spend time with the girls.



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