July 16, 2012


hi Hi hiiii

I am cooking up a storm in the Adams Kitchen.

My grandaddy picked me an entire basket of figs yesterday. I think he was trying to get me off his case. I think every single glimpse I've caught of him over the past couple of months has ended up in total harassment about those darn figs. I just wanted to be sure I didn't miss them. They are so easy to miss; there one day, gone and eaten by ants the next! 

So needless to say he so graciously got me a loads of them!!!! 

They are currently simmering away on the stove, and I can't wait to get them in the adorable jars that France and I picked up this afternoon!

Have you ever had figs? Fresh figs? Right off the tree? Oh they are to die for and that is NO exaggeration my friend!

I will definitely be posting pictures of the preserves all finished up.

Hope Monday treated you well. 

Tootles for now


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