July 15, 2012

Necklaces Necklaces Necklaces!

Ahhh I can't believe it is Sunday already. Can't lie, I'm not ready for it to be over! Yesterday I relaxed, and relaxed, and relaxed a little more. No, I didn't stay in all day relaxing. I hit the pool around 10. The cloudy weird weather kept me on my toes as to when the rain was going to start on me. Needless to say, I got tired of running in and out of the house trying to dodge it, so I gave up around 12:30.

I then went on a little shopping spree at the Hobbs! I bought a whole bunch of supplies to make more of the new FAB necklaces. I just LOVE how they are turning out. Yesterday was the first time I wore one out. While I was shopping in the Hobbs, a little lady stopped me and asked me if I had made them! I gladly and proudly said YES! 

We are still in the process of making a whole bunch more, also doing a few trial-and-error samples.  The plan is to sale these just as they are, as well as have others that will have a charm or some sort of embellishment. We will also be selling bracelets as well. You can purchase them individually or we will have a package price for both the necklace and the bracelet set! 

If you are interested in purchasing or want more info feel free to message FAB art & design on facebook! Stay tuned for photo updates and more on these super adorable jewels.

P.S. One last note about the Necklaces, Be expecting a GIVEAWAY soon soon soon!!!!

I'm off to church, lunch with my daddy-o and brother, then back to the merchandise making!

tootles for now


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