June 14, 2012

Odd Thursday

Today was an odd Thursday at RH. We all pretty much left on time, rather than around 7!

After all of my concerns about getting back into the swing of work after the vacation, surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. This week has been actually really great at work and it went by fast!

When I woke up this morning I was Draaaaaggginnng! So I didn't feel like dressing up. I wanted to keep my clothing comfortable. I threw my hair up in a wadded mess, put on a pink tee, and some really worn in jeans, add simple wedges, and I thought I was ready to walk out the door. At the last second I grabbed this little skinny wrap and put it around my neck! It instantly made my attire so much more presentable! I love small little touches of detail. It makes all the difference in the world sometimes.

Another BONUS to today and how odd it was, I actually made it home in time for Body Flow! The class was exactly what I needed to unwind from the day. 

Well I have a little bit of packing to do! My Dad and I will be traveling to Florida to pick up my mom!!

How was your Thursday?? and tell me all about the small details that make such a difference in your life.

tootles for now


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