June 16, 2012

A Photo-Filled Beach Day

hi hi hi

I've been at the beach ALL DAY and I didn't want it to end....everrrrr!

Dear Lordy, I've missed you so much the past two days. Yesterday afternoon as soon as I got off work, dad and I hit the road to Florida to pick up my mom and little brother! They have been in Florida for two weeks. NOT FAIR, I know.

The drive was SO fun with dad. I LOVE TRAVELING in the car! We listened to 80's rock the entire way. Singing, singing, and singing and candy eating. It was a BLAST. We made it to Florida around 9 or so last night. I was exhausted so I pretty much went straight to bed.

This morning I was super excited for an entire day on the beautiful beach. The weather was beyond perfect. Mom and I were out on the beach by 10, and that's exactly where I stayed until after 6 tonight. 

Here are a few photos of many from today...enjoy!

Mom wanted some family photos on the beach. We barely made it out in time before the sun went down. But, needless to say we did get some really great photos. Here are a few of my favorites!

My intentions for tonight were to go to Target and Ulta for a little Brianna Cosmetic and Beauty Shopping time, but that didn't quite work out. By the time I made it in, went through the photos and editing a few of them, it was almost 9. So I figured it wasn't worth the drive to go shop just for a short time. I'm bummed out about that, but sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you had in mind.

Tomorrow is a day of cleaning the condo, traveling back, reading, singing, and most importantly, spending time with THE BEST DAD and MOM a girl could ask for. OH and it's FATHERS DAY!!

I have a super SUPER exciting week this week and can't wait to share it with you. So, STAY TUNED!



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