June 28, 2012

New Job + bff + Florence = LOVE

hi hi hi

I must tell you....

I AM IN LOVE with my new life! Everything has been better than I thought. I LOVE my new job. It's busy, yet relaxed. I get to be creative. I get to design. I get to do a little bit of retailing. I get to do a bit of copying. I just get to do SO many different things and that is EXACTLY what someone like me needs. Everyone at Psi is SO So SOOOO nice and I couldn't be anymore happy than I am at this point in my life! 

BUT guess what my FAVORITE part of working at Psi is? WORKING WITH FRANCES! It's such an amazing thing to think about. If anyone knew how often we had talked, and joked about this ever happening, they would think we were crazy. Seriously we JOKED about it all the time, but never took it serious or ever thought it would actually happen! But thank the good lord above, it did! I am SO thankful that I have such an awesome best friend in my life! It blows my mind how God brings the perfect friendships into our lives at just the right time!

Today was a little special. I got to go to lunch with Frances which won't happen often, and might not ever happen again. BUT, I sure did enjoy it. We both had packed a sandwich, so we opted for eating them as we drove to Books-a-million where we browsed around and got some coffee! I LOVED having BFF Lunch:)

So that's the updated on the new job. Tomorrow I will be going back to Birmingham for a weekend with the family and also packing up my Furniture to bring back to Florence on Sunday! I can't wait to see my room come together! 

How has your week been so far? Has anyone else made a drastic change this week?

Do share.



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