June 30, 2012

Weekend....you are already gone.


last night when I got off work! I hit the road to Birmingham for a Saturday full of shopping for home decor and family time. When I made it to Birmingham, Raeghan and I went to the movies to see Rock of Ages. I know I know, all of the terrible reviews and we still went to see it!!! We have good reasoning. A couple of summers ago, our nanny and paw took us girls to New York! While we were there we saw Rock of Ages on Broadway when it first opened before anyone knew what it was, before it was expensive to purchase tickets, etc. etc. WE LOVED IT ON BROADWAY. So, that being stated, Raeghan and I HAD to see it together. And WE LOVED IT! The movie went really right along with the Show, but we both could see where if you hadn't seen the actual show on Broadway, where you would hate the movie. If you ever get a chance to see it on BW, definitely don't judge it by the movie! It's SO much better than the movie. But still the movie was really good if you've seen the show. 

We got home at like 3am then got right back up at 5:45 to get Rae all dolled up for a photoshoot that we have been trying to get tackled for months now.

FINALLY we got it scratched off the TO-DO list! And Im please to say it turned out SO great!

That's just a sneak peak! The actual post will be tomorrow morning! Tomorrow I am moving all of my Furniture and such to the new residence! I am SO excited to see it all together rather than here and there. ALSO I can't wait wait wait to share photos of the sofa sleeper that I mentioned a couple of times over the last month!


Bysie for now


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